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But before you start writing, let’s get on the same page, shall we?

First item of business: Via the contributor form below, send us a brief pitch for your article idea and if we like your idea, we will invite you to contribute. Please note, send the idea alone and not the finished article.

Please include:

  1. A suggestion for a headline for your intended article.
  2. One to two sentences summarising the main idea of the article and a basic outline of what direction/angle you want to take with the article.

We take great pride in delivering quality content to the Envsion Magazine community. So we’re looking for next-level insights from experts and top freelancers who have great advice to offer and a knack for writing.

Think you’ve got the flair? Read on.

PLEASE NOTEWe typically respond to contribution requests within one week. We endeavour to respond to every contribution request sent to us. However, at times we may get overwhelmed and we can only respond to those requests we choose to move forward with.

What we look for

1. It has to be high quality

We have set some seriously high standards for our content in terms of usefulness, quality, and unique angle. Thus we can only accept articles that add value to our readers and are well written.

2. It’s gotta be your original work

This one is a no-brainer. If your article has been published anywhere else before, we don’t want it. We also do not accept pieces that include re-hashed content from other articles without proper attribution as this constitutes plagiarism. The content must have a unique angle, be well researched or draws firsthand insights for the bylined author.

3. Personalise it

Tell our readers all about your failures, successes, and lessons drawn. We will know if you’re detached from the readers. Get real and personal and we will be sold because we LOVE authentic stories (of success and failure) as this type of content connects with readers. Readers should have a “That’s me!” moment when they read your piece.

4. You got to be knowledgeable about what you write on

We are looking for real-world experience in the topic you’re writing about. Please don’t submit an on ‘how to run a restaurant’ and you’ve never owned or run one. Instead, you can interview an expert and put a great piece together for us. Remember, our bar for accepting such posts is very high, in terms of usefulness, quality, and unique angle.

5. Speak to your audience’s experiences

Your audience should find actionable insights from your writing. Be they entrepreneurs, career makers, or young people grappling with a startup, they should envision success, failure, pitfalls, and markers of success that appeals to their everyday journey.

6. It’s actionable

Our main requirement is that your article provides useful and actionable advice to our audience. Don’t tell them about the state of unemployment among the youth, instead, tell them what they can do about it.

7. In-depth but concise

Our features tend to give deep insights, details, and elaborate analysis. We like for our content to give the reader an immersive experience but don’t bore them with repetitiveness.

8. Storytelling

We are big fans of storytelling. Our readers want to visualize events unfolding in your article. Don’t be uptight in your writing; Instead, use language cues that make your writing suave and succinct.

9. Get social with us

You should be ready to do your part to promote your article on social media. Let everyone in your networks know about it. Of course we will do our part to share your article with our mailing list as well as promote it across our own social media. Together we can make your article a massive success!

10. Re-posting and Content rights

We do not own the rights to your piece. Once published on our Website, you’re permitted to re-post your article on any other websites or media outlets as long as you acknowledge that we published it first. It would be nice to provide a link that will redirect the readers to your original article on our website or blog.

You have come too far to give up!

If you got here, you’re probably serious about becoming a contributor.

If you choose to write:

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You understand that publishing is at the discretion of the editors and that Envsion Magazine reserves the right to reject and/or amend any contribution/material supplied.

You indemnify Envsion Magazine from any claim or impairment that may arise as a consequence of your ‘factual’ statements being fictitious or any infringement of a right of any third-party.

You agree that all written content submitted to Envsion Magazine is for us to use as we please without necessarily making reference to you or your organisation. All materials submitted to us may be used as future advertising or publicity for Envsion Magazine.

You agree that we take no responsibility for typographical mistakes and omissions. However, we will put reasonable effort in proofreading your article.


Disclaimer: The views and attitudes published in Envsion Magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher. No fault will be taken for any judgment made by the reader, consequently resulting in opinions.

That’s all there is to it. If you feel like you’re up to scratch and you want to become a part of the EN Contributors, then fill out the form below!

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