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Empowering Kenya’s Change-Makers To Thrive In The World

Envsion Magazine is dedicated to inspiring Kenya’s entrepreneurs, start-up founders and visionary leaders who have dedicated their efforts to make a difference through their innovative ideas and businesses.

With our cutting-edge content, we equip entrepreneurs with critical information to expand their visions and grow their ventures.

Who Are We

Envsion Magazine is an independently published online magazine bringing our readers to the intersection of culture, entrepreneurship and life.

We work with the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, distilling their lessons and experiences into actionable content for our community.

The Envsion Magazine community is made up of both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs; a more robust, younger and international audience.

What We Do

We sort the information mess for entrepreneurs and business leaders. We put answers on their fingertips, and we provide actionable advice to inspire their entrepreneurial journey. We help entrepreneurs navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with ease. We nail down strategies and experiences into actionable content for our readers.

We expose different brands to ridiculous amounts of exposure for your business/brand with our ever-growing multiplatform audience.

How We’re Making a Difference

Envsion Magazine is curated for young entrepreneurs and small business owners who wear many hats. We understand start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs because they are the reason we exist. They are part of our DNA.

We know what’s at stake. We understand that getting a business off the ground is hard work. Notwithstanding, our work is cut out here – to help more start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs recognise the value they contribute to the world.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit isn’t something you are taught, it’s something you must develop within yourself. And Envsion Magazine is here to help you with the process of getting out the idea that’s stuck in your head to the execution stage, because entrepreneurship is about the execution of ideas. It’s about building a life on your own terms. And here, you will find the #inspo that you need.

Why Choose Us

We exist to give you the greatest possible chance of success. On this platform, you will explore inspiring and practical content. Whatever stage you are at in your business, we’re glad you chose to read Envsion Magazine.

We endeavor to teach you vital skills, expose you to unique worldviews, actionable business advice, let you hear other brands’ and founders’ voices, read entrepreneur profiles, and how-tos; and ensure you find us a reliable resource.

We’re here to help you to not only survive but grow and thrive in your world.

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Entrepreneurs, Business leaders and start-up founders have put their trust in us to deliver the type of content they so desperately yearn for. For us to constantly exceed their expectations, we need your expert contribution.

Contributing to Envsion Magazine accords industry experts an opportunity to reach thousands of engaged readers.

Get on the path of becoming a recognized industry expert by contributing knowledge

  • Bolster your standing as an industry expert
  • Have your article published with faster turnaround times
  • You have a platform to educate and inspire thousands of entrepreneurs

Readers (small and midsize businesses) look to us as the definitive source for building, managing and growing their businesses.

Become a contributor today and help others while strengthening your stature as an industry expert.

Why contribute?

As a contributor you will:

  1. Gain Credibility

Contributing to Envsion Magazine provides you with credibility as an industry. You can amplify your contributions by sharing each post to outside organizations and individuals for various opportunities, including sales, speaking and teaching and on your social platforms.

  1. Promote Your Personal Brand and Voice

You can promote your personal brand and voice to thousands of our readers. Quickly, establish yourself as leaders in your industry. Plus, as an additional benefit, your content may be included in weekly newsletters.

Together we can make your article and personal brand a huge success.

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Who can be featured by Envsion Magazine?



We feature real founders with actual experience building a business. We talk with people who’ve sacrificed to master skills, built something from scratch, and who’ve done what they’re giving advice on.

Business Leaders

Business Leaders

We feature leaders of top 3 brands within their own niche or industry. These leaders have built something that’s disruptive, and they know what it takes to create something of true worth and significance. They have changed course for their business and have been on the front lines of business transformation.

3. Entrepreneurs


While they don’t have to be famous or even well known, but their products, services, or brands should have impacted many. We feature those who have a burning desire to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

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With us, entrepreneurs have a community—a place they can go to find ways to persevere, discover opportunities for growth, and advance their ventures.

Soon we will bring you a fully immersive digital multiplatform experience of Envsion Magazine, which will encompass our EN Magazine App, blog, videos, podcast, EN shop, tailored newsletters, and an e-magazine packed with incredible stories, interviews, tips, and more.

Wherever you are on your journey, we want to wish you a heartfelt welcome to Envsion Magazine Community.

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