Golden Visa Portugal: Invest in prime oceanfront properties in Atalaia

With unstable worldwide governments leading to uncertain futures, there has been a global migration shift to Portugal over the years.

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Envsion Magazine - Golden Visa Portugal: Invest in prime oceanfront properties in Atalaia

The life of the affluent is everyone’s dream to acquire luxurious material possessions. When people see luxury brands such as fine Rolex timepieces or high-quality Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we often associate the owners with wealth and success. Real estate has always been considered the best and distinct asset class with a simple concept that is easy to understand. An individual real estate portfolio can offer investors equity growth, cash flow, tax advantages, hedge against inflation, and competitive risk-adjusted returns; and this is what you get when you invest in Golden Visa Portugal investment option.

Portugal Residence by investment

With unstable worldwide governments leading to uncertain futures, there has been a global migration shift to Portugal over the years. Portugal has been a top destination for many reasons. The 2020 Global Peace Index ranked Portugal the safest friendliest country in Europe and the third safest country worldwide.

The 2019 Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism Percentile Rank in Portugal was reported at 90.95 percent. The 2020 Henley and Partners Passport Index ranked Portugal 7th best passport worldwide. The 2020 Healthcare category of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index scored Portugal #1 with 99 percent! The 2020 Legatum Prosperity Index ranked Portugal 27th of 167.

Portugal performs most strongly in Personal Freedom and Market Access & Infrastructure. The capital city Lisbon was named the ACI Europe Best Airport for 2020 and the higher education system ranked Portugal 35th best worldwide.

Portugal ranking spider web chart

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Due to the global migration shift, most developed western countries’ real estate markets have escalated to become overvalued and overpriced. The real estate market in Portugal has remained very attractive and affordable particularly oceanfront and ocean view properties along the very desirable Silver Coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Now there is a time sensitive opportunity to capitalize on excellent investment value that is qualified as a Golden Visa investment option. Currently, the Portuguese government had extended the Golden Visa program until January 2022. Once the present investment options expire, oceanfront and ocean view properties along the desirable Silver Coast will no longer qualify for the Golden Visa investment program!

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Akoya Pearls Project
Akoya Pearls Project

The Akoya Pearls Project is situated on a prime oceanfront location in Atalaia near Lourinhã which is part of the Lisbon district with the convenience of the capital city less than one hour away. Each private home consists of three spacious open concept floors with extensive use of windows for natural sunlight and verandas overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

On floor -1 is the car garage with easy access and generous storage although there is space to accommodate four vehicles. On floor 0 the foyer opens to the second floor leading to the open concept family room with a high ceiling and a formal dining area.

There is a large guest bedroom with a walk-in closet and a fully featured bathroom.

There is a two-piece powder room, a modern kitchen with island, and a laundry room with outdoor access. On floor 1, the stairs are overlooking the foyer leading to a “catwalk” which overlooks the main floor family room and leads to all three upper bedrooms.

There are two large bedrooms featuring three-piece bathrooms and substantial armoire areas. The master bedroom boasts a large his and hers walk-in closet and a very generous fully featured en-suite bathroom.

Akoya Pearls Project Floor Plan
Akoya Pearls Project Floor Plan

Each exclusive home will include a private yard and individual swimming pool including outdoor parking to entertain guests. The exterior structure will aesthetically follow modern construction with above standard quality interior finishes. Premium interior finishes and other upgrades are available on a customized individual request. For a full presentation of the Akoya Pearls Project, please click on this link.

In the nearby town Lourinhã, it is a privilege for families to experience the exclusive wine and equestrian establishment Quinta do Rol. The 120-hectare property includes vineyards, pear orchards, a tennis court, a basketball court, and a large swimming pool. You and your family may relax in a rural environment with numerous outdoor activities.

Quinta do Rol has combined a century-old wine country with the quality of the soil of the Estremadura region resulting in a vast range of quality wines.

Atalaia Portugal

The Akoya Pearls Project is competitively priced at 728,000 EUR for each private home offering excellent investment value based on recent comparable sales in Atalaia. These exclusive homes require a higher investment than the conventional 500,000 EUR Golden Visa investment although they will be situated on a front-line oceanfront location with breathtaking views literally across the street from the Atlantic Ocean.

Each exclusive home was carefully priced at a higher price point to include above standard quality interior finishes, moderate landscaping, and individual swimming pool. With the overvalued and overpriced global real estate markets, the prime oceanfront location of the Akoya Pearls Project in Atalaia, Portugal is truly a “golden” investment opportunity to capitalize on now.

There are only five private homes available so take advantage before it is too late!


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