Books for Entrepreneurs: You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham

Looking for advice on running your small business, improving your life, and attaining financial freedom? With our new review series of books for entrepreneurs, you will get advice to thrive in business.

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More often than not we go about sorting the immediate pressing financial needs afraid to think about or even draft a plan to wipe out the trail of debts that, even though may seem negligible, haunt us in so many ways. The situation is worse for entrepreneurs. Could be the mail you received from the taxman reminding you of a penalty for late filing of returns, or even the student loan that you are afraid to commit to offsetting given the unstable outlook of employment today. It could even be a friend’s cash that you are still holding on to, feeling inadequate to settle.

So you dodge every opportunity of interaction. The tax, the loans, and other financial responsibilities keep accumulating interest, and the thought of it makes you hate your country, your education system, and everything that has to do with systems and money. But Jesse Mecham’s bestseller titled “You need a Budget’ breaks these fears down to simple planning and awareness that life is not liveable without costs. This intricately woven, yet practical book forms part of our new series ‘books for entrepreneurs’. It opens you to a deep realization that money ought to serve your needs and facilitate the life you desire; the first step is bringing down the debt monster to be able to plan for your money with freedom.

It’s a bang on your conscience that you are in charge of your finances; not even fate will open and empty the can of debts that you so deservedly acquired, but your resolve to beat it is the only magic. He goes ahead to give you facts that you could be living oblivious of, yet so powerful when you contextualise them in your personal relationship with money:

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Have you ever tried aging your money for instance? This is a concept that will make its way to the deep pockets of wisdom that changes how you spend money. Read on and you’ll abhor living pay-check to paycheck. He enlists three other tricks that will not allow you guilt when incurring necessary costs, nor recklessness to trade your hard-earned money without pre-planning.

It’s a guide you’ll need in this day of consumerism, and mental disorders arising from depression. You don’t have to plunge into the ocean of financial distress unguided. Experience the thrill of beating debt instead of the fear of never beating it. Remember your destination determines your direction. It’s a read that will definitely give you direction and so is this series of books for entrepreneurs!


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